Superfast Internet in Africa

We connect thousands of users to the internet in difficult to connect areas. Using high speed Satellite Internet, access to a world of digital entertainment and services is available to everyone.


Satellite technology literally comes ‘from above’, and is independent from terrestrial infrastructure - unlike fibre, ADSL or mobile wireless technologies. Satellite broadband is available everywhere and makes even more sense in remote areas that other technologies cannot reach.

Unreliable and intermittent connectivity has a negative impact on users – it provides uncertainty and can be a major burden resulting in the slowing down of economic activity on a regular basis in many regions, even in peri-urban areas. This is why gaining access to reliable internet is so important.

Freedomsat Africa services can be used at home, at the office, in the school or at the local healthcare centre, or even power community points of access such as Wi-Fi hotspots.

Quite simply Freedomsat satellite internet service allows me to live my dream. Working remotely couldn’t be achievable without this service. As the only provider able to supply me with a reliable connection in a remote location, the service makes dreams come true.
— M.Davey
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